What happens when I see a counsellor?

Seeking out professional help is a challenge. It takes courage and honesty to reach out. Our culture tells us that we should be able to cope on our own. However, this sort of myth only makes people feel they are the only one to feel or think the way they do. In addition, isolation causes us to loose perspective and feel that our problems are unique to us that they are more difficult than they really are. Seeking out the assistance of a counsellor is the beginning of an exciting journey towards a new understanding of yourself that has the potential to become a guiding light on a fresh journey. Effective counselling operates in an atmosphere of trust, respect and understanding. The counselling process involves conversation and can include psychological inventories, homework, selected reading and attending support groups if necessary. A counsellor’s task is to assist the counselee to find more rewarding ways of living. The goals of counselling are worked out jointly by the counsellor and client(s).

What happens in a marriage/ relationship counselling session?

Initially, I offer you both an equal opportunity to speak about what are your problems and issues in your relationship. I will then clarify and summarise what are your particular issues, and also give you additional insight as to what dynamics are operating between you and where they may have come from.

From here, we will then begin to work on resolving these issues for each of you, working from the most significant issues first, and always with a positive and win-win approach.I balance listening to and understanding each of your problems with moving forward in a positive way, so that by the end of each session, you will feel that you have had an opportunity to be heard and also feel your problems are resolving and your relationship is improving.

Each session I also review how these changes are progressing, and address additional issues at a pace that is manageable by both of you.

Many of my clients have been able to turn their most challenging relationships into ones that are much easier to handle.