Counselling is about looking after “you”. Not about “treatments”. Nor about filling in forms or questionnaires.

Together we will build a working relationship where you are respected and safe.  A place where you can unpack and explore possibilities.

Does any of these statements seem to fit your experience?

  • I’m fed up with the cycle of online dating.
  • I’m feeling so frustrated and lonely because after all this time, I still can’t find a partner.
  • Whenever I start to get close to someone I sabotage the relationship.
  • I feel hopeless about ever finding a long-term partner.

If you are in a relationship do you experience any of the following:

  • I’ve got issues from the past that keep coming up.
  • My relationship is not working for me and I need to become a better partner.
  • I have problems emotional and sexual intimacy.
  • I have problems with insecurity and jealousy
  • I want to leave the relationship and I don’t know how.

Getting help.

I have a wide experience in helping people overcome issues

  • Affairs – recovery
  • Dealing effectively with conflict
  • Unresolved past issues affecting your relationships.
  • Grief
  • Work related issues
  • Coping with ex-partners, co-parenting relationships and in-laws.
  • Making tough choices and commitment issues.
  • Drifting apart and losing that intimate connection.
  • Parenting and step-family issues.
  • Being single and you don’t enjoy it
  • Looking at all the options before deciding whether to leave your relationship.
  • LGBQTI friendly. 
  • Sex worker friendly.
  • Religious Trauma Syndrome (RTS)

 What difference can this make in your like?

Individual counselling can assist you to become a more effective partner, resolve long standing patterns that have been holding you  back.  Find the intimacy that you have desired, avoid making the same mistakes, improve communication skills, cope better with conflict, help you to find relationships that are mutual and nurturing, let go of the past.  Attract the right people and learn skills that promote life long love.  :

If your partner will not come to counselling, it is still worth your time to talk to a professional counsellor, you might be able to make some changes in yourself that could benefit your relationship.