“Counselling is a tool that normal health people employ to deal with the challenges of life”

Happiness isn’t in new handbags…

“When I first met David it was in my mind to seek a healthy relationship with my partner, we talked through some difficult situations I was faced with in my personal life. I felt that he was supportive of the decisions I made but helped me see what impact they were having in my life and issues that I couldn’t see.

I was never happy with myself and the decisions I had made, I was sometimes ashamed of myself, I didn’t feel good enough at times and felt as though I had to prove myself, I was comparing myself to other women and I felt at fault for things beyond my control.

Ultimately I discovered how to improve my life through David, I now have a huge weight lifted from my mind and realise the problem wasn’t just the relationship I had set out to fix and happiness isn’t in new handbags or an endless amount of shoes or dresses. I can honestly say I find it so much easier to find happiness, I accept my life and realise what I have achieved with appreciation, furthermore, I look forward to what is to come. I recommend David Nielsen for any couple or young woman from my experience”.

Public Servant26

Insecurity and sexual issues were overcome

“I went to see David because I was having sexual problems. He helped me to deal with my unhealthy thought patterns, anxiety and insecurity. With their help I’ve overcome my problems and now I’m much healthier and happier. I highly recommend David, he is brilliant at what he does!”

LawyerMale 30

I found a new way of being…

“It has been a privilege to have David as my counsellor. He has helped me through the darkest time in my life. Being a man I had always thought counsellors were for the weak, but for the first time in my life I was able to open up and be honest with where I was at. David made me feel comfortable being honest and listened without judgement; it was exactly what I needed. I’ve learned to accept myself and show people the real me. When I had no-one to turn to and was looking for answers, he helped me like nobody else could.”

EditorMale 33

Released from a violent marriage

“Counselling was a huge step in the right direction. I was a 25 year old in a violent marriage. I was suffering from depression and insecurity. Working with David helped me to take control and responsibility for my life. Thanks to David my journey in life has become a lot easier, and now I’m travelling the world, living out my dreams, in a healthy relationship and able to take better care of myself.”

Graphic DesignerFemale

Counselling was not for me

“Prior to attending counselling I was someone who thought you only attended counselling if you had major problems. I come from a fairly stable background and have had no major issues or traumatic events in my life so far. I never thought of myself as the “type” who went to counselling. My view changed when I faced issues in my marriage that I unable to solve by myself. I now believe that everyone whether they have major issues or not, can benefit from counselling. I found the counselling experience with David extremely beneficial for my marriage, but more importantly for myself personally. Through counselling I became aware of my own personal issues and “baggage” and gained an understanding of how this affected my life and those in my life. I am no longer controlled by the wants, needs, expectations and actions of those around me but am empowered to take control of my life. David’s advice and resources are practical, simple and effective. David is very insightful, particularly about women and leads you a point where you are able to reach your own conclusions about the best way to deal with each issue.”

AdministrationFemale 25

I been able to face and manage major challenges

“I initially sought counselling to try to resolve problems in my marriage. David provided a very welcoming and relaxed environment that helped me overcome the self-consciousness of ‘going to counselling’. David provided insight into the male and female perspective on a wide range of personal and relationship issues. He encouraged a process of self reflection through a variety of techniques including cognitive behaviour therapy and a wide range of reading between sessions. He has helped me to overcome anxiety, resolve issues from the past, build my self confidence and sense of worthiness. Within a few months of regular counselling I was able to cease my medication for anxiety and have now been off medication for twice as long as I was on it. I have since been able to face and manage several major life challenges with resilience, including a miscarriage, because of the changes he helped me to make. I would recommend David to anyone that is experiencing problems with handling life’s challenges”.

Assistant DirectorFemale 35

I understand women more fully now

“I was distraught when my wife and I came to David. My wife seemed ready to leave me and I had no idea why. David was able to help us discover exactly what the issues were, and how we could overcome them. He provided a supportive, non-judgemental environment, yet didn’t avoid the tough issues. He restored in me a sense of perspective in what was going on, and empowered me to do all that I could for positive change. Today my wife and I are enjoying a marriage better than at any previous time, knowing that our time with David has also enabled us to make sure we never end up in the same situation again. My sincerest thanks David for helping us to hold on to the most precious thing in our lives”.

Medical ProfessionalMale 37

I feel free from my past and the abusive opinions of my partner

“When I first met David my self-esteem, confidence and emotional state had been severely eroded. I now recognise that what was damaging my self perception was Domestic Violence.

David worked with me, at my pace (except when I needed a little push) in a safe, understanding and non-judgemental way to help me see I could change my life and what I accept into my life.

David helped me regain my sense of self and helped me be able to see that I am a worthy person, who deserves to be treated well and more importantly has a level of control over how I am treated.

With David’s guidance I have rebuilt my life and confidence and have begun a new, healthier, more empowered chapter. I feel free from my past and the abusive opinions of my partner. I will continue to see David because I firmly believe in having a safe, wise person to aid me through all of life’s small and large challenges”.