Cost of a Consultation with Davidclock

Counsellors work outside of the Medicare system, so we are unable to provide a Medicare rebate or bulk bill.

However, fees associated with counselling are less than the gap payment charged by other allied-health professionals or psychologists; and are significantly less than full-fee payment by other professionals.

I also offer a limited number of low-fee places for clients on a Centrelink payment. Ultimately I want people to get the help they need.

How Much Should Cost Matter?

I am sometimes asked about the cost by people who are clearly using service cost as their sole guide for choosing a counsellor. Of course the cost matters. Rarely is counselling completed in one or two sessions and for some people therapy can last for quite some time, so there is a considerable cost involved and it should be taken into account. However, if this is your sole guide, then you are likely to be less than satisfied with the outcome. The training and ongoing professional development costs for professional counsellor are high and I need to charge enough to make my practice viable.

By all means consider the cost, but also consider what the training and experience of the counsellor you would like to work with might be.

How long?

Usually 60 minutes in duration.  You can ask for a longer session if needed.

What does it cost?

Counselling sessions are $150 including GST for individuals and $160 for couples couples inc GST.

Telephone calls or email discussions longer than 15 minutes will be charged to your account.  

When do I pay?

Fees are due at the end of a counselling session and can be paid in cash, cheque, credit or EFTPOS. Cheques can be made out to David Nielsen. Counselling fees are not usually reimbursed by private health funds, though counselling related to your employment may be tax deductible. Top level cover in some funds may give a refund for counselling. I encourage all of my clients to check with their insurer first.

MediBank Private.

A rebate from Medibank Private may be available for counselling fees if you have the correct cover. (Package Bonus)

Doctors Health Fund.  

Doctors Health Fund rebates for counselling services for members who hold Top Hospital or Top Extra cover.

Police Health Fund.

Eligible Police Health members may be entitled to a benefit”. All Police Health policies that include extras benefits (i.e. dental and optical benefits) include counselling. An individual’s eligibility to benefits may be affected by annual limits and waiting periods.

Bupa Private Health Rebates

Rebates for clients

Rebates for counselling services will be paid for Bupa members who have the appropriate level of Extras cover. These benefits will be a part of Extras products under the heading of ‘Mental Health’. 

Low-income or Health Care Card Holders

I operate on a sliding scale based on family and individual income for full-time students and Health Care Card Holders. Please discuss any matters related to fees when you make your appointment.

Cancellation Policy

Please note that when you make your appointment I allocated this time especially to you. I hope that you understand this if you forget your appointment, arrive too late, or give less than 24 hours notice for your inability to attend; you will be charged the usual fee for this session. 48-hour advance cancellation is preferred and 24 is required.

Counselling Appointment Times

I am available for appointments at the following times:

Monday to Friday 10 am to 6:30pm