I appreciate that it is often difficult to come to counselling. I will work hard to make sure that your experience is positive and worthwhile.

Counselling is conducted face-to-face however, sessions can be conducted via telephone or Skype for remote and overseas clients.

I provide counselling for couples and individuals. You are welcome to refer friends or family to my practice too. Therapy for couples includes individuals counselling where it is indicated, you can request an individual session at any time during relationship sessions.

Likewise if you are attending individual sessions with me you are free to invite your partner to attend sessions if you feel that would be beneficial.

Each person has different needs and therefore different outcomes for therapy. It is therefore important for you to talk with me about what you want or hope for as a result of counselling.

No counsellor can guarantee that counselling will meet all your expectations. Counselling is an interactive process, which relies heavily upon the person involved – for example, his or her motivation, strengths and the particular issues. Most people experience positive and constructive outcomes from counselling, but not everyone does.

To benefit most from counselling:

  • Come with a positive expectation that counselling will be helpful
  • Speak openly about you ideas of what will help
  • Draw also on your own strengths, ideas and support network
  • Realise that change often requires practice and perseverance
  • Give feedback to us frequently about your experiences of counselling

I have been effective in providing counselling that addresses a wide range of issues that includes, trauma and abuse, domestic violence, recovery from affairs, sexual identity, addiction, depression/anxiety, post abortion issues, pre marriage advice, gender issues, recovery from abusive churches, self-esteem, adult ADD, greif, sexual therapy and many other life issues.